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EuroDemobbed locations for Dorset

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Bournemouth - Hurn (40)4.3 miles NNE of Bournemouth
Bournemouth Museum (18)Just off the southern edge of the airfield
Bovington (2)9 miles E of Dorchester
Buckland Newton (1)11 miles SE of Yeovil
Chalmington (1)9 miles NW of Dorchester
Compton Abbas (14)1.3 miles E of the village
Corscombe area (1)7 miles S of Yeovil
Gallows Hill (1)10 miles W of Poole
Portland Heliport (2)Northern end of the Isle of Portland
Portland Marina (1)3 miles S of Weymouth
Wimborne area (1)6 miles N of Poole

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