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EuroDemobbed locations for Suffolk

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Beck Row (1)2.5 miles N of Mildenhall town
Bentwaters Airfield (32)4.5 miles NE of Woodbridge town
Bentwaters Museum (8)4.5 miles NE of Woodbridge town
Bramford (1)1 mile NNW of Bramford village centre
Brome, Eye (1)2 miles SE of Diss
Bury St. Edmunds (2)1 mile W of the town centre
Crowfield (4)2.5 miles NE of Needham Market
Elmsett (10)0.7 miles W of the village
Felixstowe (1)10 miles SE of Ipswich
Flixton (35)2 miles SW of Bungay
Foxhall (1)3.5 miles E of Ipswich
Halesworth (1)46 miles N of Ipswich
RAF Honington (7)6.5 miles NNE of Bury St. Edmunds
Hoxne area (1)4 miles ESE of Diss
Ipswich - Belstead (1)0.5 miles S of the town centre
Ipswich area (5)County town of Suffolk
Kesgrave (4)3.5 miles E of Ipswich
Kettleburgh (1)2 miles SSW of Framlingham
RAF Lakenheath (6)7 miles W of Thetford, Norfolk
Lavenham (4)6.5 miles NNE of Sudbury
Mendlesham (4)13 miles NNW of Ipswich
Milden - Harvest Farm (2)3 miles N of Boxford
Milden - Moat Farm (2)0.9 miles SW of Monks Eleigh
RAF Mildenhall (1)11 miles NW of Bury St. Edmunds
Mildenhall - Sim2do (1)Gregory Road Industrial Estate
Monewden (1)4.4 miles W of Wickham Market
Nayland (3)1 mile W of Nayland
Newmarket area (1)12 miles E of Cambridge
Norton (1)6 miles E of Bury St. Edmunds
Shipmeadow (1)2 miles W of Beccles
Sproughton (32)2.5 miles W of Ipswich
Walpole (4)2.2 miles SW of Halesworth
AAC Wattisham (21)4 miles SSW of Stowmarket

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