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EuroDemobbed locations for Suffolk

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Beck Row (1)2.5 miles N of Mildenhall town
Bentwaters Airfield (38)4.5 miles NE of Woodbridge town
Bentwaters Museum (8)4.5 miles NE of Woodbridge town
Brome, Eye (1)2 miles SE of Diss
Bury St. Edmunds (2)1 mile W of the town centre
Crowfield (3)2.5 miles NE of Needham Market
Elmsett (9)0.7 miles W of the village
Felixstowe (1)10 miles SE of Ipswich
Flixton (36)2 miles SW of Bungay
Foxhall (1)3.5 miles E of Ipswich
Halesworth (1)46 miles N of Ipswich
RAF Honington (3)6.5 miles NNE of Bury St. Edmunds
Hoxne area (1)4 miles ESE of Diss
Ipswich area (5)County town of Suffolk
Kesgrave (2)3.5 miles E of Ipswich
Kettleburgh (1)2 miles SSW of Framlingham
RAF Lakenheath (6)7 miles W of Thetford, Norfolk
Lavenham (4)6.5 miles NNE of Sudbury
Mendlesham (4)13 miles NNW of Ipswich
Milden - Harvest Farm (2)3 miles N of Boxford
Milden - Moat Farm (2)0.9 miles SW of Monks Eleigh
RAF Mildenhall (1)11 miles NW of Bury St. Edmunds
Monewden (1)4.4 miles W of Wickham Market
Nayland (3)1 mile W of Nayland
Newmarket area (1)12 miles E of Cambridge
Norton (1)6 miles E of Bury St. Edmunds
Shipmeadow (1)2 miles W of Beccles
Sproughton (27)2.5 miles W of Ipswich
Walpole (4)2.2 miles SW of Halesworth
AAC Wattisham (13)4 miles SSW of Stowmarket

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