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EuroDemobbed locations for West Sussex

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Ashurst, Steyning (1)0.5 miles W of the village
Balcombe (14)1.5 miles W of the village
Crawley Technical college (1)Crawley town centre
Faygate Paintball (1)3.3 miles WSW of Crawley
Findon (1)4 miles N of Worthing
Ford (1)1.5 miles W of Littlehampton
Goodwood (33)1.6 miles NE of Chichester
Haywards Heath (1)12 miles N of Brighton
Horsham - ASL (7)0.7 miles NE of the town centre
Kirdford (1)10 miles W of Horsham
Lancing area (1)8 miles W of Brighton
Lower Beeding (1)3.5 miles SE of Horsham
Parham Park (1)8.5 miles NNW of Worthing
Partridge Green (1)6 miles N of Shoreham
Pulborough area (1)9.6 miles NNW of Worthing
Shoreham Airfield (19)3.7 miles ENE of Worthing
Slinfold (1)2 miles W of Horsham
Tangmere (18)2.6 miles ENE of Chichester
Woodmancote (1)2 miles SE of Henfield

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