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EuroDemobbed locations for Wiltshire

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Amesbury (1)7 miles N of Salisbury
MoD Boscombe Down (47)2 miles E of Amesbury
Chippenham (1)6 miles E of RAF Lyneham
Chiseldon - Lower Upham Farm (1)2.5 miles SE of village
Keevil (3)4.5 miles E of Trowbridge
Kingston Deverill (1)5.4 miles SSW of Warminster
Larkhill (1)2 miles NW of Amesbury
Longbridge Deverill (1)2.5 miles S of Warminster
Lyneham (33)6.3 miles NE of Chippenham
Malmesbury (3)0.5 miles N of the town
Malmesbury area (1)8 miles N of Chippenham
Melksham - Craysmarsh Farm (3)4.5 miles W of Devizes
AAC Netheravon (3)5 miles N of Amesbury
Newton Toney (1)7 miles NE of Salisbury
Oaksey Park (11)6 miles SSW of Cirencester
Ogbourne St. Andrew (1)2 miles N of Marlborough
Old Sarum (43)2 miles N of Salisbury
Rivar Hill (1)9 miles WSW of Newbury
Rushall (1)1 mile NNW of Upavon village
Salisbury - Pepperbox Farm (1)14 miles NW of Southampton
Salisbury area - Air Defence Collection (2)Town centre
Salisbury Plain (2)Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA)
Tisbury area (1)12 miles W of Salisbury
Warminster area (1)7.5 miles S of Trowbridge
Winterbourne Gunner (1)On the A338 north of Salisbury

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