Euro Demobbed
Helsinki-Malmi, Finland
10 km NE of the city centre
60.248734, 25.046093

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
VI-3 VL Viima II OH-VIG, ex FinnAF Private Apr 2005 History
106 Bolkow Bo.105 CBS OH-HCC, ex UAEAF Private History
1G160-28 Antonov An-2 T ES-CAG, ex DOSAAF Private Jun 2006  
DO-11 Douglas Dakota DC-3 OH-LCH, ex FinnAF, ex USAAF Private Jun 2012 History
T6958 DH Tiger Moth II OH-XLA Private May 2010 History
XN326 Folland Gnat FR1 GN-113 Stored May 2013 History

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