Euro Demobbed
Sandown, Isle of Wight
1.6 miles WSW of town
50.648206, -1.186409

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
4406 NAF Canary N3N-3 12, G-ONAF, ex USN Private Apr 2013  
51-15551 Piper Super Cub L-18C G-BEUU, ex USAR & ALAT Private Aug 2009 History
BH238 Hawker Hurricane IIB Stored - off site Apr 2013  
EN570 Supermarine Spitfire FIX G-CISP Private Nov 2017  
MD338 Supermarine Spitfire Private May 2007  
SR462 Supermarine Seafire XV Restoration Nov 2017 History
T7849 DH Tiger Moth II G-ANEZ Private Jan 2010  
TB382 Supermarine Spitfire XVI Private Nov 2017 History
TP298 Supermarine Spitfire XVIII N41702 Private Jan 2009  
X4276 Supermarine Spitfire I G-CDGU Private Oct 2009 History

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