Euro Demobbed
Pisa - San Giusto, Italy
Main airport 3 km S of town
43.670258, 10.381553
Also viewing of C27 ramps from Ikea carpark at 43.691193, 10.384079

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
MM53-3200 Fairchild Boxcar C-119G 46-38, ex AMI Preserved, on base Oct 2019  
MM62110 Fiat G-222 TCM 46-81, ex AMI Preserved, on base Dec 2019 History
MM62121 Fiat G-222 TCM RS-46, ex AMI Stored Aug 2014 History
MM81444 Agusta Bell AB.412 HP GF-202, ex GdF W.f.u. Oct 2017  
MM81453 Agusta Bell AB.412 HP GF-208 ex GdF Stored Oct 2019  
MM81455 Agusta Bell AB.412 HP GF-210, ex GdF Stored, outside Oct 2019  
MM81457 Agusta Bell AB.412 HP GF-212, ex GdF W.f.u. Oct 2017  

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