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EuroDemobbed locations for Berkshire

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Berkshire (1)County in England
Bracknell area (1)11 miles to the east of Reading
Brimpton (2)0.6 miles W of Aldermaston
East Garston (1)5.3 miles NNE of Hungerford
Greenham Common (1)1.5 miles SE of Newbury
Hampstead Marshall area (1)3.6 miles SW of Newbury
Hampstead Norrey (1)1.5 miles E of the village
Hungerford - Radley Farm (2)2.4 miles NE of Hungerford
Maidenhead (2)1 mile E of White Waltham airfield
Maidenhead Paintball (1)2 miles S of White Waltham
Membury (4)11 miles SE of Swindon
Peasemore area, Newbury (14)6 miles N of Newbury
Three Mile Cross area, Wokingham (1)36 miles W of London
White Waltham (35)2.7 miles SW of Maidenhead
Woodley (6)3.4 miles E of Reading

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