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EuroDemobbed locations for Norfolk

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Bylaugh (2)4 miles NE of Dereham
Cantley area (3)9 miles ESE of Norwich
Coltishall (2)4 miles S of North Walsham
Cromer (Northrepps) (1)2 miles SE of Cromer
Diss (1)0.6 miles ESE of town centre
Fakenham area (1)Town in Norfolk
Felthorpe (4)1.7 miles E of Attlebridge
Forncett St. Peter (1)1.5 miles WNW of Long Stratton
Guist (2)9 miles N of East Dereham
Hardwick (6)4 miles ESE of Long Stratton
Kings Lynn (1)38 miles W of Norwich
Langham - Blue Tile Farm (2)7.5 miles NE of Fakenham
RAF Marham (4)7 miles W of Swaffham
Marham Aviation Heritage Centre (3)Next to RAF Marham main gate
Neatishead (4)RAF Neatishead Radar Museum
Norfolk Area (2)In the general area of the county
North Denes (1)1 mile N of Great Yarmouth
North Elmham (2)6 miles N of East Dereham
Norwich - County Hall (1)County Hall
Norwich - Museum (21)3 miles N of city centre
Norwich Airport (1)3 miles N of city centre
Norwich area (1)
Old Buckenham (14)2.4 miles SE of Attleborough
Raveningham (1)1.2 miles S of the village
Seething (2)4.4 miles NNW of Bungay
Shipdham Airfield (1)5 miles SW of East Dereham
Shipdham Industrial Estate (3)On the SE side of the airfield
STANTA - East Wretham (2)6 miles N of Thetford
STANTA - Tottington (1)1.7 miles W of Thompson
Swaffham - ATC (1)0.3 miles NE of the town centre
Swaffham - Etthornes Farm (3)2 miles WNW of the town
Tattersett (1)4 miles W of Fakenham
Thetford area (4)Large town in the south of Norfolk
Thetford Paintball (1)5 miles NE of Thetford
Tibenham - Priory Farm (3)5 miles N of Diss
Tibenham airfield (9)3.5 miles SW of Long Stratton
West Raynham (3)5.5 miles SW of Fakenham
West Walton Highway (1)2.5 miles NE of Wisbech
Weybourne (2)7.5 miles W of Cromer

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