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EuroDemobbed locations for Oxfordshire

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Abingdon area (1)6 miles S of Oxford
Arncott (4)3 miles SE of Bicester
RAF Benson (3)11 miles SSE of Oxford
Bicester (8)1.5 miles NE of town
RAF Brize Norton (4)3 miles SW of Witney
Chalgrove (9)3.6 miles NNE of Benson
Charlbury (4)2.5 miles SW of the town
Clifton, Deddington (2)1.25 miles E of Deddington
Culham Paintball (2)7 miles S of Oxford
East Hanney (11)Garford Landmead Farm Airfield
Enstone (23)1.6 miles NE of village
Grove (1)18 miles ENE of Swindon
Henley-on-Thames ATC (1)6.3 miles NNE of Reading
Henley-on-Thames Polo Field (1)1.3 miles SSE of the town
Horton-cum-Studley (2)10 miles NE of Oxford
Kidlington (1)1.25 miles NW of town centre
North Moreton (1)2.7 miles W of Wallingford
Oxfordshire (3)Large County in central England
Shenington - Edge Hill (2)5.6 miles WNW of Banbury
Shrivenham - Defence College (4)7.2 miles NE of Swindon
Steventon area (2)In Oxfordshire
Thame (1)1 mile N of the town, just inside Buckinghamshire
Weston-on-the-Green (1)4 miles SW of Bicester
Witney Area (2)In the general area
Woodperry (1)4 miles NE of Oxford

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