Euro Demobbed
Ahlen, Germany
41 km NE of Dortmund
51.78110, 7.90628
Agrarflug Helilift
Other Details
Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
137 Agusta Bell AB.412 SP Ex UAEAF Private Jun 2018 History
20 Stampe SV4 C D-ELCR, ex AdlA Private Jun 2012  
420 Agusta Bell AB.212 Ex Sudanese AF Stored Sep 2010  
53 Bell 412 HP Ex FACh, D-HAFU Private Apr 2018  
9A-HBM Agusta Bell AB.212 Ex Croatian Police Private May 2020  
AF306 Bell 412 D-HAFQ, ex Ugandan AF Stored Jan 2017  
AF309 Agusta Bell AB.206 B Ex Ugandan AF Stored Sep 2010 History
AF401 Agusta Bell AB.412 (Cabin), D-HAFV, ex Ugandan AF Stored May 2020  
AF404 Agusta Bell AB.412 (Cabin only), ex Ugandan AF Stored Sep 2010 History
B-4369 Bell 412 HP Ex Czech Police, EC-MQD Private Feb 2018  
D-HBWP Bell 212 Ex German Police Private Feb 2018  
D-HBZT Bell 212 Ex Federal Ministry of the Interior Private Apr 2008  
D-HEPP Bell 212 Ex Bundespolizei Private Apr 2008  
D-HGPP Bell 212 Ex Bundespolizei Private Feb 2018  
DU-144 Agusta Bell AB.206 -B-3 D-HAMM, ex DAW Private Jun 2019  
DU-326 Agusta Bell AB.412 HP (Cabin), ex Dubai Police Stored May 2020  
FAP-1101 Bell 412 Ex FAPeru, D-HHVV Private Feb 2018  
HE.20-04 Hughes 269 C D-HOLM, ex EdT Private Mar 2014  
LC-4515 Bell 205 A-1 (Front fuselage), D-HOOK, ex Libyan AF Stored Sep 2010  
P-551 Bell 212 Ex Sharjah(UAE) Police On rebuild Sep 2010  
P-554 Agusta Bell AB.212 Ex Sharjah(UAE) Police Stored May 2014  
P-725 Agusta Bell AB.412 EP (Cabin), ex UAE Police Stored May 2020  
P2-DFA Bell 212 EC-MXR, ex Papua New Guinea AF Private Dec 2020  
Unknown Agusta Bell AB.212 (Cabin), ex OE 5D-HE? Stored Jun 2012  
XT848 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 D-HABY Private Apr 2009 History
XW181 Westland-Bell Sioux AH1 D-HAFJ Stored May 2020 History
ZJ708 Bell Griffin HT1 D-HOOK Private Sep 2023 History

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