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Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
03 Dassault Mirage 2000 C 103-YQ, ex AdlA Travelling Exhibit Jul 2021  
0508 Mikoyan - Gurevich MiG-19 S Ex CzAF Private Aug 2018 History
07925 Stearman Kaydet N2S-3 395, N75MR, ex USN Private Aug 2009 History
1038 Aerospatiale SA.330 B ADO, ex ALAT Unknown Nov 2011 History
13724 Cessna Skymaster FTB 337G EC-JGH, F-HCRF, '33725', ex FAP Private Jul 2019  
1506 Sud Aviation Alouette 2 F-AYCG, ACL, ex ALAT Preserved, airworthy Jul 2017  
150680 LTV Crusader F-8J (N), ex USN Private Sep 2011 History
172 Nord Noratlas Ex AdlA Dumped Sep 2005 History
18-1455 Piper Super Cub L-18C F-BOMK, ex ALAT Private Nov 2006 History
195 Max Holste Broussard MH.1521 M OO-MPJ Unknown May 2003  
212 Sud Alouette III Ex IAC Private Jan 2009 History
3403 Stearman Kaydet N2S-3 N75TQ, 180, ex USN Private Jul 2021  
(36) Fouga CM-170 Magister R (N), ex AdlA Preserved Jun 2015  
42-107412 Ryan SCW 145 Ex USAAF, VH-SCW Private Jun 2017  
42-16936 Stearman Kaydet PT-13D 46, ex USAAF, N450D Private Jun 2017  
42-17378 Stearman Kaydet PT-13D 796, ex USAAF, N43SV Private Jun 2017  
42-17642 Stearman Kaydet PT-17 N3922B, ex USAAF Private Jan 2012 History
44 Fouga CM-170 Magister R ex AdlA Preserved Sep 2012  
44-72181 NA Mustang P-51D G-CEBW, ex USAF On rebuild  
449 Cerva CE.43 CE.43 LF, ex AdlA Stored Apr 2013 History
51-15325 Piper Super Cub L-18C 95 72-A, F-BNMP, ex USAR Private Jun 2014  
51-15601 Piper Super Cub L-18C 95 77-A, F-BNQQ, ex USAAF Private Jun 2014  
54202 Piper PA.31 G-EMAX, ex SweAF Private Jul 2014 History
96 Fouga CM-170 Magister R AM, ex AdlA Unknown May 2008  
A-44 Bucker Jungmann Bu.131B F-AZTZ, ex Swiss AF Private Sep 2012 History
E.24B-42 Beech Bonanza F33A F-HEBL, ex EdA Private May 2007 History
EX884 NA Harvard IIA Wears 'FT323', G-CCOY On rebuild May 2012 History
H253 Aerospatiale SA.330 L Ex FACh G.I. Aug 2006 History
N62133 Stearman Kaydet PT-17 Ex USAAF, wears 'N62188' Private May 2013  
T-729 Beech 1900 D F-HTJT, ex SwiAF Private Nov 2022  
TP367 Supermarine Spitfire FXVIII IAF HS669 Private History
WD397 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-OARO Private History
WG286 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-OAOP Private History
WG309 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-OARP Private History
WG310 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-OAOI Private History
WG313 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-OAON Private History
WG327 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-OAOH Private History
WG336 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-OARQ Private History
WG356 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-OBAU Private History
WG423 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-OARR Private History
WK549 DHC Chipmunk T10 G-BTWF Private Jun 2019 History
WP900 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-AZJL Private History
WZ794 Slingsby Grasshopper TX1 BGA3300/FJP Stored May 2013 History
WZ845 DHC Chipmunk T10 F-AZXM Private History
XN153 Slingsby Sedbergh TX1 BGA2024/DDC Private Jan 2019 History
XN594 Hunting Jet Provost T3 Private History
XR386 Sud Aviation Alouette AH2 F-WJDB W.f.u. History
XR501 Westland Wessex HC2 A2642 Private Jul 2014 History
XX531 SA Bulldog T1 G, F-AZLZ, Birmingham UAS marks Private Aug 2009 History
ZJ256 Eurocopter Squirrel HT1 Private Aug 2018 History
ZJ260 Eurocopter Squirrel HT1 Private Jan 2018 History

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