Euro Demobbed
Vienna - Heeresgeschichtliches, Austria
2 km SE of city centre
48.18544, 16.38749
Ghegastrasse, Vienna

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
13 Saab Draken J 35OE Ex OL Museum, outside Sep 2022 History
20.01 Albatros B.I Museum, inside Sep 2022  
29566 SAAB J 29 F O yellow, ex SweAF Museum, outside Sep 2022 History
3818 Fieseler Fi.156 C-3 D-ENPE, ex SweAF, wears '7A+WN' Museum, inside Sep 2022 History
3B-HA Bell Sioux OH-13H Ex OL Museum, inside May 2021 History
4D-BT Agusta Bell AB.204 B Ex OL, expected to have returned Museum, stored - offsite Jun 2013  

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