Euro Demobbed
Dijon - Darois, France
10 km NW of the city
47.38668, 4.94224

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
139 Nord N.1101 14, G-BSMD, ex AdlA Restoration Sep 2019  
24557 Cessna Bird Dog L-19E F-AZMX, ex ALAT, 'RCAF c/s 16744' Private Sep 2011 History
316 Hawker Fury FB10 NW-115, ex IraqAF, F-AZXJ, wears 'WH589' Private Jul 2015  
(42-97052) Wallis WA.116 H NC16586, es USAAF Stored May 2015 History
51-3513 NA Trojan T-28D N9868A, ex USAF Private Oct 2020  
78 Nord N.1002 F-BFRM, F-AZME ex AdlA Private Sep 2019  
A-90 Bucker Jungmann Bu131 N88JG, F-AZVK, ex SwiAF Private Sep 2019  
CN-ABG Mudry Cap-10 B Ex Moroccan AF Stored May 2007  
MM54-2586 Piper Super Cub L-21C G-BWUB, ex Italian Army Stored Apr 2012  
PS890 Supermarine Spitfire PRXIX UM-E, F-AZJS Private Aug 2020 History

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