Euro Demobbed
Viterbo South, Italy
2 km W of the town
42.423423, 12.072235

Serial Type Code/Notes Status Noted
MM52-2378 Piper Super Cub L-18C EI-94, ex ItArmy Preserved Apr 2024  
MM80273 Agusta Bell AB.47 G-3B 33, ex ItArmy Preserved Dec 2023  
MM80345 Agusta Bell AB.47 G-3B1 41, ex ItArmy Preserved May 2008  
MM80420 Agusta Bell AB.47 G-3B1 49, ex ItArmy Preserved Apr 2024  
MM80447 Agusta Bell AB.205 A EI-257, ex ItArmy Stored Mar 2023  
MM80449 Agusta Bell AB.205 A EI-259, ex ItArmy Stored Mar 2023  
MM80541 Agusta Bell AB.205 A EI-289, ex ItArmy Stored Apr 2024  
MM80586 Agusta Bell AB.206 A EI-000, ex ItArmy Stored Oct 2019  
MM80627 Agusta Bell AB.206 A Ex ItArmy Stored, white c/s May 2008  
MM80641 Agusta Bell AB.206 C-1 EI-580, ex ItArmy Dumped Nov 2008  
MM80886 Agusta Bell AB.206 C-1 EI-918, ex ItArmy Stored May 2008  
MM81119 Agusta Bell AB.212 EI-403, ex ItArmy, laying on side Dumped Mar 2023  

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